How Theta Healing can help you change limiting beliefs and attract your goals

Change Limiting Beliefs And Attract Your Goals

19th Mar 2019

Throughout the years, I have discovered many different holistic therapies and I love them all, but I am particularly passionate about Theta Healing. This is because it amazes me how very specific belief systems can be changed at the subconscious level instantly, resulting in an immediate impact on a person’s life. Since my Theta Healing journey began, it transformed me as a person and as a musician, as I was immediately able to perform on stage without worrying what others thought of me. I began to sing more freely, as any type of performing arts is affected by a person’s psychology.

Whatever you are hoping to change in your life, be it building your business, landing your dream job, having more abundance, better health, more genuine friendships, finding your soul mate or improving your existing relationship; you take the necessary steps towards change, yet you may find that something is holding you back, for example, however hard you work towards your goals, nothing ever quite fully manifests, if it does at all! Maybe your self-esteem isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, or you feel pressure from the media to compare yourself to others, often even without realising that you do, and this can by soul destroying! Our insecurities and limiting beliefs that have been lying dormant are triggered more than ever in this time of global spiritual awakening, but this can be a good thing as it means we are being given signals that it is time to let them go!

So where are these limiting beliefs stored, and where do they come from? Only 5% of our brain is conscious, and the other 95% is subconscious, therefore we don’t even know what many of the beliefs are that we have, and a lot of them can even oppose what our conscious mind believes, which slows us down when we make important decisions. This can be difficult, especially when the subconscious mind is what runs the show in our lives! This is why many people turn a golden opportunity down without even knowing why fear got the better of them. Many people self-sabotage in this way, as there could be a number of events in a person’s past they can’t even remember that gave them these self-sabotaging programmes. From conception to birth, we are absorbing belief systems from all around us, from the collective consciousness, our parents, teachers, and events that happen around us. We even inherit beliefs from our ancestors as they are energetically stored on a DNA level, and the beliefs we carry over from our past lives are held on a soul level.

Beliefs can affect us in so many ways, our health being just one of them, because every illness has an emotion attached to it, for example, anger gets stored in the liver, resentment in the kidneys, and grief in the lungs. When such beliefs are transformed it can allow you to heal much more quickly from any disease that has manifested, helping the medical treatment you are receiving to work more easily, as Theta healing aids the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

When we reach adulthood, we have already learnt to think and behave in a certain way, and this set of habits then becomes our comfort zone, therefore we can feel it is too late to change. Children absorb new beliefs like sponges as they are in a constant state of expansion, and they have a sense of wonder about the world around them. But the beauty of Theta Healing is, we can return to that vibrational state of wonder and relearn our belief systems. If there is a certain emotion you have never experienced before, Theta Healing can be used to download feelings you have never felt, in addition to the new belief systems. For instance, a person who has never experienced love before would not know what it is like, so downloading what love feels like will transform their experience in their relationships.

So what exactly is Theta Healing? Our brains emit a mixture of brainwave frequencies – beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma. When you are in an active or alert state (thinking, talking, communicating), you are predominantly emitting beta waves; and while you are very relaxed or meditating, daydreaming or fantasising, you are in an alpha state (Reiki healers work from an alpha brainwave frequency); and theta brainwaves are mostly emitted during a very deep state of relaxation or hypnosis, or while praying intensely. It is through this theta brainwave state that we can access the subconscious mind or the innocent state of a child, so the therapist can find out what limiting beliefs are held in the subconscious mind, and then they can be changed to new empowering ones within seconds!

The main areas of our lives affected by our limiting beliefs include relationships, finances, career, health, spirituality. As you use the Law of Attraction to bring about your desires, why does it work so easily for some people, but for others it is very difficult or seemingly impossible? This is because your belief systems affect your vibrations, and like attracts like, so it is essential to have beliefs that are in alignment with your goals! Transforming your belief systems allows you to be more of your authentic self, therefore attracting your hearts desires will be a lot easier!

The most common limiting beliefs people have around wealth can include the following:

If you hold any of the above beliefs, it can stand in your way of attracting opportunities that would make you more money.

People who want to manifest a soul mate could have any of the following common limiting beliefs:

So obviously when you want to manifest anything and you have limiting beliefs that state you don’t deserve it, or that it is not possible, etc. these cause people to somehow find a way to cut themselves off from receiving. The beauty of Theta Healing is that it can transform so many beliefs in a session, and this changes you, for example, rather than overreacting to any situation as you did before, you will be more likely to respond from a more balanced place.

Recently a client came to me as her grandmother was in hospital with a brain tumour, and she intuitively knew that this came from an ancestral pattern of mental illness in her family that needed clearing, so she saw the illness as an opportunity for growth, rather than a tragedy. She has a very healthy approach that enabled her to see the situation from a higher perspective, this is what comes when a person has had a lot of Theta Healing! I am happy to say that her grandmother is now fine! When you clear a limiting belief in one person, this can also transform their ancestors who held that same belief. This shows how Theta Healing can help us in so many ways!

HERE is an example of how a Theta Healing session is conducted.

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This is a guest post by Amelya Goldy.  

Amelya is an advanced Theta Healer and Reiki Practitioner in private practice at Brighter Spaces Islington