Putting flexibility front and centre

At Brighter Spaces, our commitment on everything from our rooms to our pricing plans is to be as flexible as possible. That’s why we offer a range of packages that allow you to pay your way. Our Ad Hoc hours start from as little as £16 an hour dependant on location but with discounts of up to 20% available, you can pick the space and the payment plan that suits you.

All prices include VAT

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What makes our pricing plans so perfect?

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Additional Services

Credit Bundles

Save money by purchasing one of our credit bundles.
Credits can be used to book any room. The more you buy the cheaper the hourly cost.

All prices include VAT

Example Usage

When booking a room using credits, 1 credit is the equivalent to £1.

As an example, using a Bodyspace room normally costing £26 per hour

If you had purchased a bundle of 200 credits, this translates to a 10% discount off the normal room rate
meaning you would pay only £23.40 per hour.

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