The Company

Who are we?

Brighter Spaces are the new home for all mind professionals, body therapy specialists, and health and wellbeing professionals looking for a place to work from. We offer a different experience to the normal approach of renting therapy rooms with safety, security and comfort assured. Having therapy rooms to rent by the hour, half day or full day means you can choose and pay for a treatment space as and when you need one. We understand if you have a list of questions and we would love to answer them! Get in touch today.

What are our key objectives?

Brighter Spaces want to advance both the way health and wellbeing professionals book work spaces and how they use their space. We currently have therapy spaces and counselling rooms available for rent in Islington, Guildford, and Wilmslow. We want to bring that important element of convenience and flexibility back into your day to day life. We can offer you a place that you can consider your own but without the long term onerous costs and liabilities. We provide room rentals without the stress so you can concentrate on running and growing your business. Find out more About Us.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly, we ask you to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be entitled to our opening offer of 1 free hour so you can try before you buy. This gives you the ideal opportunity to test us. You can sample our excellent customer service with the Monday to Friday concierge services that are included, and see for yourself how opting for a room at Brighter Spaces improves the health of your business. If you enjoyed the experience, then book further hours, half days or even full days. Whatever you need.

Secondly, the entire process is digital for convenience. Once you have decided on the room type you want to use to provide clients with your product or service, and booked and paid for it, we provide you with a one-time code which will allow you access to your specific room for the period of time that you have booked. Very simple!

Why are we different?

A few reasons. We are aware that there are other therapy rooms available but Brighter Spaces have answered commonly asked questions and we have listened to what aspirational and dedicated professionals want. Security, convenience and comfort without high costs and long term commitments.

We design our spaces around you. We are here to listen if you have special requests or needs and our on-site concierge will assist with any issues too. From simply wanting an extra chair to guiding your clients safely in and out, we want to take the stress out of your experience.

If a client needs you urgently, you can check within 30 seconds if there’s availability to attend to their needs. If you do not have internet access then just phone our concierge.

‘Extra special touches make all the difference’ – All of our rooms have individual, free discrete printers/scanners and photocopiers, high speed wifi and a panic button if needed, plus more.


Which room is right for me?

We’ve designed 4 different types of rooms which we believe should accommodate the needs of professionals from all disciplines. Find out more about our therapy rooms that are on offer at our multiple venues

Can I book for a full day, or even half a day? and if so, is it cheaper?

Yes. Whilst primarily we offer flexible hourly booking, we understand that some people want more long term commitment. If you decide to book either a half day, (min 4 continuous hours) or a full day (min 8 continuous hours ), there are discounts that have been factored into these prices that make it cheaper than booking consecutive individual hours. Find out more about our pricing further.

What is included in the rooms

Each of our four room types offer amenities that are suitable for the practice taking place. In our therapy rooms you can expect high end furniture, desk space, desk chair, coffee tables, ambient lighting, security alarm if required. In addition to all of this, we have included a private printer/scanner in each room, with unlimited usage so that you don’t have to worry about paying extra for office amenities that you naturally expect. We also provide you with USB plugs and iPhone chargers so you don’t have to worry about charging your phone. There are other smaller features which we believe will make your experience and sessions much more productive and enjoyable.

How do I access the room

We have integrated technology into both our website and our actual locations meaning everything is keyless. Once you have booked and paid for your space, you will be sent a confirmation email with a code on. This code will provide you access into the room you have booked for the period of time which you booked. Simple!

What are the opening hours

Each site is different so please visit the site page for confirmation. Generally though, we aim to be open from 8am – 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm Saturday and 10am – 4pm Sunday.

Is there somewhere for my clients to wait if they arrive early

We would encourage you to ask your clients to arrive as near to the appointment time as possible, but we realise that this isn’t always possible. Our sites all have waiting rooms which can be used by your clients who will have access to refreshments such as flavoured water.


What if I cannot access my space if the code doesn’t work

Please speak with the concierge as they will be able to open the room for you with a key.

So let’s get started

How do I sign up?

On our home page, you will see in the top right corner that there is a log in option. Simply click it and it will direct you to a page that allows you to sign up.

How do I claim my 1 free hour?

To claim your 1 free hour you must first register as new customer. Please ensure you’re logged into your account then place a booking normally. Your free hour will be taken into an account when making a booking. You use your free hour for any rooms. Please note that your free hour will expire after 1 month.

What payment plans are there?

We appreciate that many of our clients wish to block book and would expect discounts for this. We’ve designed payment plans that hopefully will factor a multitude of requirements. We offer you the opportunity to book discounted half day and full days. Along with this, if you want to purchase bundles of credits at a discounted rate, you can do so – a great option if you plan ahead a few days, weeks or months. You can also book in blocks so you don’t need to worry about longer term advance bookings. Please visit our pricing page for further information.

How long do I need to sign up for?

As long or as little as you like. Where most other companies request longer term financial commitment, we are totally flexible. Not everyone knows their full schedule for next week or next month so you are free to book as little or as many hours as you like. Hopefully you’ll like us enough to book lots of hours, but we are here to accommodate your schedule. No long term commitments!

What is the minimum booking time?

The minimum slot you can book is an hour. After your first hour, you can book half hour increments.

Do I need to give a deposit to join?

No deposits are required. Just being respectful to our sites is all that we ask of you.

How do I search for space?

There are many options on our pages that will direct you to our search page. At the top of the home page you can browse spaces by first picking your desired location. You can click location info which will provide you everything you need to know about that specific site, or alternatively just view spaces to look at the availability of spaces. Alternatively click view spaces on the top menu bar.

How do I pay for my space?

You can pay with either debit or credit card. Alternatively you can pay with credit bundles which will be explained in more detail below. We accept all major debit cards plus mastercard and visa credit cards.

How do Credit Bundles work?

When booking a room using credits, 1 credit is the equivalent to £1. As an example, using a Bodyspace room normally costing £20 per hour. If you had purchased a bundle of 200 credits, this translates to a 10% discount off the normal room rate meaning you would pay only £18 per hour. Please click here to understand the pricing plans further.

Can I set up a recurring reservation?

Please get in touch with the concierge at the site you are interested in, we will be happy to assist you in that department.

Can I book multiple reservations at once?

Yes. We have designed our online booking platform so that there is a cart, similar to shopping online. All you need to do is choose the hours and days for the room of your choice, add them into your cart and then pay for as many or as little as you like at the end of your search.

What happens if I want to cancel my reservation beforehand?

No problem. We understand that sometimes people’s busy schedules can force their hand and appointments may need to be cancelled. Just make sure you give us 24 hours notice and the room will be cancelled and we will add credit to your account. Anything less than 24 hours and unfortunately, you will be charged. Please allow up to 24 hours for the credit to be added.

What if I want to extend a reservation?

Assuming no one has booked the room after you, just simply go online and book! Unfortunately, you cannot extend if there is a reservation after yours, but we do have other rooms and we will try our best to accommodate you. If you have problems here, please ask the concierge.

What do I do once my session has finished?

We would ask that you tidy the room, leaving it as you found it, and vacate the room.

What do I do to report a problem?

Depending on the problem, please speak with the on-site concierge who should be in a position to help. If the problem is serious and you need urgent help, we offer all professionals the option of a panic button which is located downstairs with the concierge. Please speak with the concierge if you require one.

How do I reserve locker space?

To ensure you don’t have to carry heavy books, laptops amongst other items home with you each time you visit our spaces, we offer everyone the option of renting a locker space by the month. This comes at an additional weekly cost and can be arranged on site by the concierge. Please visit our rooms page to understand these costs further.

Can I receive post?

We can also handle your mail if you wish for us to do so. This is at an extra monthly cost, so if you wish to know more about this service then please get in touch or visit our rooms page where you can read further on signing up for this service.

Can I use your site as my business address?

Yes, this is also a possibility. This is at an extra annual cost. Please either get in touch or visit our rooms page for further information on this. Brighter Spaces offers the cost effective solution when it comes to deciding where to base your business.

My account


How do I add a promo coupon code?

Firstly add a booking to the cart. On the cart page enter the promo code in the coupon code field on the left and click the ‘Apply Coupon’ to apply the discount.

Changing password

You can change your password in the My Account area. First you’ll need to login. On the My Account page click on ‘Account Details’ in the left menu. On this page you will need to enter your current password first and then your new password in the fields below. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save your new password.

Updating account information

First login and then go to the My Account area. To change your personal details such as name or email click on the ‘Account Details’ link in the left menu. Make the necessary changes and click ‘Save Changes’.

You can also change your default billing address by clicking ‘Addresses’ in the left menu. On the Addresses page click ‘Edit’ next to your address to make any changes.

Editing your Booking

Once a booking has been made it cannot be changed. You will need to cancel the booking first and then create a new booking.

Cancelling a Booking

Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the time of the booking. Once you have cancelled your booking your account will be credited with the amount originally paid when making the booking. This amount can then be used when making future bookings.

Crediting my cancelled Booking

On cancelling a booking your account will be credited with the amount paid for the booking within 24 hours. If this hasn’t happened within this timeframe please contact the concierge directly at the location in question.

Real estate

What do Brighter Spaces look for in a site?

Brighter Spaces are always on the look out for more sites. If you believe you may have an interesting site, please get in touch with Marc Lazare on 020 8617 9494