Brighter Spaces – A Smarter Home for Mind and Body Therapists.  You’re there for your clients whenever they need you and we are here for you.  Our terms and conditions are not full of legal jargon and we hope, like our spaces, they are simple and straightforward and the perfect conduit towards us working together.

The basics

We are Brighter Spaces (NW) Limited (registered in England No 10210717) and our registered office is at Danielle House, Southmoor Road, Manchester M23 9GP (“the Owner” or “we”).  These are the terms and conditions under which a therapist or consultant (“the Consultant” or “you”) can hire the use of a consulting room (“space”) at any of our physical locations in the UK (“premises”).  Our spaces are made available for you to hire, to enable you to consult with any client of yours (“Client” or “Clients”) in comfortable and discrete surroundings  to enable you to provide therapy services.

Simple and straightforward

In order to use any of our facilities and services (“the Services”) we just need you to provide us with some basic information by completing a short online registration form.  The form asks for contact information, including mobile phone telephone number and email address, along with a brief description of your area of expertise\therapy and confirmation that you hold current professional indemnity insurance which is applicable to the treatment that you are providing to Clients.  We reserve the right to verify any professional qualifications and insurance.

By providing details to us, you agree that we may hold your personal information on our files and web based records, and use them as required in our business.  This will always be in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is linked to our website and can be found here.

Once you have completed the registration process and activated your online account, you can then both see our rates and facilities and book a space.

What Brighter Spaces provide

A comfortable secure space for you to see your Clients.  Once you have booked and paid you will be able to use your chosen space at the selected location and we will provide an access code for both entry into the premises and the requested space, for the allocated time.  We expect confidentiality in all aspects of the space and your assurance that you will not share any login details, access codes or the use of any Services with any third party.

What we expect of our Consultants

You shall at all times leave the space in a clean and tidy condition.

You will not use the space for any illegal or inappropriate purposes including (but not limited to) smoking, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling, violent or threatening behaviour, or any other purpose that is likely to reflect negatively on the Owner or any other consultants that use the premises.

You will not light or allow candles, incense sticks or naked flames, nor permit any unpleasant odours in the space.

We will not permit any animals in or on any of our premises other than assistance animals only.

We only permit the use of oils in bodyspace rooms with hard flooring.

The space may only be used during the hours that have been booked and paid for.  We expect you to vacate the space promptly at the end of your session, so that we can ensure that it is properly cleaned and maintained to the required standard, for the next consultant.

You should make sure that you switch off all lights and electrical equipment when leaving the space and ensure that the door is properly closed.

Use of our premises

Car parking facilities are available on the basis that they are specifically allocated to Consultants for a specific session and cannot be used at any other time.

Our staff at the premises are there only for the purpose of maintaining the premises and not to act as your receptionist or to provide any additional services to you, and you and your Clients should never be abusive or disrespectful to any of our staff or any other person using the premises.  You should also refrain from providing any confidential information about your Clients to our staff.

The right to use any space for a specific period does not give you any tenancy or other rights to use the space or any part of the premises, and that right may not be transferred to any third party.

Brighter Spaces reserves the right to change the interior design, equipment, decoration, furniture and/or fittings in the room as and when necessary.

Payment for Services

You will be asked to pay for the Services in advance by debit or credit card and the current tariff for our fees can be found on our website and this may change from time to time.

If at any time you wish to cancel your booking, we require you inform us at least 24 hours of the booking start time at which point we will refund you in credits. If you have pre purchased any room specific hours, your account will be re-credited, not re-funded.


We require you at all times and at your own expense to make sure that you have in place whatever insurance is reasonable in the circumstances which may include public liability, professional and any other indemnity insurance, to make sure that the Owner is fully protected against any loss, damage or other liability that we incur by providing Services to you.

We may also ask you to provide evidence of your insurance cover and you should not see any Client at the premises without appropriate insurance cover in place.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that premiums are paid and all appropriate insurances are properly maintained.

For our protection

We expect you to fully indemnify us against any loss or damage that we suffer because you have been negligent or contravened any of your obligations under these terms and conditions or if any Client suffers any loss or damage either at the premises or as a result of services provided to them.

This indemnity also extends to any tax or National Insurance contributions in respect of any payment that you receive from a Client.

The legal bits

Our terms and conditions form the basis of the legal agreement between us and nothing else varies these terms and conditions unless it has been agreed in writing by one of our directors.

By making a booking with us, you are acknowledging that you understand our terms and conditions and the fact that the use of any space will be subject to these terms and conditions, as well as the fact that we are not making any assurances as to the suitability of the Premises or their use by you.

We are also relying on specific assurances by you that:-

  • all your information including your accreditations are correct and up-to-date
  • no Client has been told of qualifications experience or accreditations that you do not in fact have
  • you have all the necessary consents and approvals to provide Services to your Clients and that there is no pending investigation or proceedings that might adversely affect your ability to provide Services to Clients.

We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you at our discretion by giving you 48 hours prior notice and refunding any advance payment for Services not yet used.

The agreement between us is governed by English law and any disputes can only be dealt with in the English Courts.