About Me

My name is Nat van Zee. I help you feel empowered, find love, clarity, reduce anxiety,
depression, cultivate inner harmony, trust and be yourself.

I help you uncover the root cause of unexplained feelings, physical and emotional pain. So you
can release old programs inherited from your childhood, family, culture, traumatic events or past
life memories that sabotage your goals and dreams.

I guide you to reconnect with your body to feel, self-heal, clear blocks, gain confidence and
inner peace. I coach you to develop self-leadership, and build healthy habits and connections so
you can thrive with purpose and joy.

What I offer

My Breakthrough Program helps you deep clean your inner world so you can achieve your
dreams rather than stay stuck in overwhelm, pain, or the past.
I help you clear unconscious blocks and uncover the root cause of your challenges in health,
life, love, and career using Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Coaching.
I guide you to develop self-leadership by re-negotiating roles of extreme inner parts that
criticise, self-harm or people please into being Self-led with calm, creative, centred, courage and

To feel is to heal, so I navigate your mind for difficult memories that trigger or block your system,
and may have frozen part of you in that traumatic time. I help you say or act out whatever you
were unable to do then, so you can release the emotional burden, and integrate that part into
the present time.

This process rewrites your story and transforms your outlook on life, so you can change it. I
coach you to integrate your new awareness, support and hold you accountable to take your next
steps. I help you to:

– Reprogram your mind to achieve your goals
– Release hidden blocks and stuck emotions
– Heal inner child, family or ancestral trauma
– Improve your health, well-being & finances
– Learn nervous regulation and energy tools
– Balance work, life, relationships and play
– Develop your intuition and trust yourself
– Create healthy boundaries and mindset
– Love yourself and feel more confident

Many clients report feeling lighter and empowered, with profound clarity of themselves and the
world around them. Visit my website for video and Google reviews.

Annabel found love, a new job, and became happier and more confident after years of feeling
depressed, anxious, and in pain. Read the 6-month case study: www.vanzeebeing.com/clientresults

MORE INFO: www.vanzeebeing.com/services/p/hypnotherapy-coaching-breakthrough-program

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Areas of specialisation:

Uncover the root cause of unexplained feelings, symptoms and pain
Heal inner child, womb, family, cultural, past life and ancestral trauma
Removing foreign energy, unattached burdens, energy healing
Life & spiritual coach for highly sensitive people and empaths

Training & Qualifications

Coach at the Association for Coaching
International Hypnotherapy Association Member
Inner Child Therapy at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Introspective Hypnosis
Past Life Therapy
Internal Family Systems
Quantum Hypno Healing Technique
Hypno Family & Systemic Constellations
Reiki 1 & 2


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