About Me:

Life can often present us with unexpected and sometimes testing challenging situations that can negatively impact our mental and emotional wellbeing. As a therapist, I offer a safe, private and confidential space where your circumstance can be heard and properly respected without assumption, bias or judgement.

I am a qualified therapist with many years of experience working in the social sector. From working in areas such as, family contact support and supervision, respite services, working with those learning difficulties, and as a mental health residential support worker. I also qualified and worked as a family and neighbour mediator, in which I plan to provide a service privately. As a therapist, one of my roles is to support you through the process of exploring the origins of any unhealthy developed beliefs and learned behaviours.

Through the exploration of thoughts, beliefs we can come to a place where we can identify whose ‘truth’ you are living, are they of your own or that of other people. Very often, the real difficulty is not the circumstance itself, but rather the way we choose to respond to it; bereavement, family concerns, and addictions are a prime example of this, in which I can empathise, as fragments of my own experiences potentially may partially relate, therefore allowing me to develop further insight into your experiences.

My support will be presented in a manner that is non-judgemental towards you and your experiences, and with a humble focus on listening to you so that I can understand what is going on for you and how the issues that are affecting you. With my support situated with positive regard towards you and your experiences, we can reflect, identify any significant thought patterns and their origins so that we can make sense and gain a better insight and understanding on how they may encourage certain behaviours or characteristics.

Most importantly I will present attitude that equally acknowledges your attempts in reaching your best self and true self with a desire for you to realise and appreciate such facts, whilst helping you to focus you in a way that considers your current abilities and everyday schedule.

I believe that all of us, given the right support, can learn effectively to self-manage our mental and emotional wellbeing. Talking with a counsellor can be the first step towards a more positive outlook; I’m here to make your counselling experiences as comfortable, safe, and as constructively meaningful as possible.

I have worked with clients on a wide range of issues including:
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Bereavement, grief and loss
  • Procrastination
  • Family concerns
  • Relationship issues

As a therapist, I believe that when difficult experiences are left unchallenged or unresolved, the issues slowly begin to impact our confidence, relationships, work and our general sense of wellbeing, leaving us feeling anxious, depressed and unable to move forward.

Having a sense of being accepted for who you are right now, flaws and all, is vitally important in the counselling process, and so the work we do together is shaped by the level of mutual trust and openness we are able to achieve.

I have 16-years of experience working in the public sector, in several social support roles has allowed me to gain the opportunity to engage a diverse range of people of different age groups, gender, race, sexual preferences, and religious beliefs that required some level of support. My Journey in the public sector eventually led me to study counselling skills in 2011.

In addition to studying to be a therapist, I gained the opportunity to practise for the charity known as ‘Mind,’ ‘Barnet Carers,’ where was counselling carers who cared for family members, as well as St joseph’s hospice bereavement service, where I also worked as a therapist.


£65 for a 50-minute session;
please do not hesitate to contact me to enquire about low fee sessions for students, single parents, and minimum wage difficulties.

For assessment inquiry: Please email or text before calling so that time can be allocated. 

Family counselling is also available.
Assessment duration of 1 hour – £45 fee.