About Me

I started my Naturopathic journey after the birth of my fourth child. I
was exhausted, gaining weight, experiencing low moods and had
difficulties with memory and cognition which felt like they were
becoming worse by the day. I was diagnosed with an under-active
thyroid and put on medication. My weight started to normalise, but
the low moods and memory problems were still there. I felt that
traditional medicine had taken me as far as it could.

My quest for better health started with further investigation and
private testing, and I discovered I had Hashimoto Disease, an
autoimmune disease.

12 months after receiving my diagnosis, my husband learnt he had
the debilitating condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis – another
autoimmune disease. Through my guidance and his determination,
he is now living free from any joint pain and medication. His
rheumatoid factor and inflammation markers are now normal.
I wanted to understand why we were experiencing such disorders
and set about finding out as much as I could about functional
medicine, enrolling on a 3-year course at a renowned college of
naturopathic medicine. Here I received a Distinction in both Bio-
Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition.
I now know that whilst genetics play an important part in
autoimmune disease, having a genetic predisposition doesn’t mean
you can’t be symptom-free, in remission, or avoid the disease
altogether. Following the right protocol tailored to your specific
needs, can have a profound effect on your health outcome.
It is important to look at your timeline (ie plotting your health history
and significant events on a chart) and seek out your triggers; these
can be multifactorial and often take time to uncover. In my case, it
was Lymes Disease. I was also diagnosed with antibodies to my
liver, again autoimmune. Thankfully, these health concerns have
been resolved.

Having healed myself and husband, my mission now is to help
others find their way back to optimal health.

As a fully qualified naturopathic nutritionist, I’m thrilled to be able to
help so many people on their journey back to health. It brings me
enormous satisfaction to unravel complex health issues and
biochemistry – to get to the heart of my clients’ problems and to help
support nutritional and lifestyle changes that have the ability to
transform their health and wellbeing. I am always learning and keep
abreast of the latest research. To that end, I am currently
undertaking a post-graduate MSc in Personalised Nutrition.

Areas of specialisation:

Auto-immune diseases
Gut health


Training & Qualifications

Naturopathic Nutrition DipNut



£225 for an initial consultation 1hr- 1.5 hrs
£120 for 1 hr follow up