About Me

I am a qualified cuddle therapist who knows what it feels like when you don’t want to talk but still want somebody to be there for you to hold your hand so you know you are not alone and you are safe. I know what it feels like being judged for who you are. I had to learn how to cope with all these by myself and decided to help people with the struggles I wish somebody would have helped me. I am an ever-growing lady who is into mindset and emotions. I like keeping fit and healthy. Nature is one of my happy places.

What I offer

I am here to support you, help you connect back to yourself and to another human being, to build trust and confidence in you. I’ll help you regulate your nervous system in order to feel safe within yourself when in an uncomfortable situation or perform better at work. You’ll relax and de-stress on such a level that might not be possible all by yourself. In my safe environment there’s no judgment or criticism so you can just be you without having to do or even say anything and still feel seen, heard and accepted. Cuddle therapy is so much more than just a cuddle. It is a co-creation between two people, and it can be a deep connection between the masculine and the feminine resulting in healing old emotional wounds. We practice boundaries and consent, plus communication is important helping me to tailor every session individually for you. Physical touch is crucial for our well-being, together we activate our bodies’ natural healing property. Through feeling secure in my arms for the first time in your life, you are able to heal traumas you’ve been carrying in your body for a very long time. Unconditional motherly love and touch can heal the wounds that caused your life being transactional. Not to mention that physical touch is one of the five languages, the one without life cannot be enjoyed. Also, you might just need somebody to hold your hands, be there with you quietly after a loss of your loved one or simply have a cuddle with someone. I am here for you either way 🙂


Please call, message or email me to arrange a free clarity call before making a booking.