About Me

Mandy has many years of clinical experience as a qualified Speech and a Holistic Therapist. She has worked worldwide, conducting training to medical and teaching professionals, in different languages. She also worked for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Clinical Lecturer at PNT University of Medicine, Vietnam. She was a guest speaker at many seminars in Asia and London. Mandy was also a Trustee/Director for the Stroke Action UK, London.

What I offer

MM Therapies – founded by Mandy Mui in 2014 with the purpose to offer unique speech and holistic therapies for clients with communication, neurological and physical difficulties.

At MM Therapies we provide a multi-functional approach, combining Eastern and Western therapy techniques to achieve effective therapy results. We think ‘outside the box’. We offer therapy in a holistic way. We treat the whole person rather than individual symptoms.

Areas of specialisation: 

  • Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Ataxia
  • Progressive Neurological Disorders
  • Rotator Cuff Injury