About Me

Life is generally full of ups and downs, but sometimes the lows can happen too frequently or stay too long. Whatever has caused you to seek therapy for yourself or for you and your partner as a couple, rest assured that you won’t have to face your struggles alone. Working together we can address the worries and negative feelings that give rise to hurt, anxiety and confusion, and work towards solutions with a positive, future-focused approach that gets body, mind and relationships back in sync.

What I Offer

Calm, compassionate acceptance and trust; that’s what clients say they experience in our work together, as well as feeling valued regardless of the situation they find themselves in.

Do any of the following statements sound familiar to you?

  • My partner and I need help and guidance to resolve upset and unhappiness in our relationship
  • I often feel overwhelmed by strong feelings and worries
  • I’m exhausted by the stress and pressures of day-to-day life
  • I would like to break unhelpful habits like comfort eating, addiction, procrastination or anger outbursts
  • I am seeking ways to improve my confidence, self-esteem and work-life balance

Why not take advantage of the 40 minute no-cost consultation that I offer – an opportunity for you to talk and find reassurance in a safe, confidential environment. Small changes can make a big difference to the way you feel about yourself, your situation and relationships. Whatever you’re facing, there will be a variety of therapeutic approaches that can help build resilience and contentment, so we could explore these options together and find the way of working that bests suit you.

For Couples, I offer Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) – a well-researched and evidence-based process which has a high success rate in overcoming relationship set-backs and difficulties.

Unlike traditional forms of couple counselling, EFT is a clearly defined 3-stage process with specific steps and interventions to enable partners to understand their own and each others’ emotional reactions in the relationship. Learning new ways to communicate and a set of strategies to resolve conflict and distancing, couples also discover new ways of relating to each other. EFT is a structured, usually short-term, collaborative approach to increase security, closeness, and connection in adult and family relationships. Get in touch to request my free leaflet ‘What is EFT?’

Areas of specialisation

  • Relationships and Couples Therapy
  • Toxic Stress and Trauma from Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Confidence, identity and self-worth; critical thoughts and obsessive behaviours

Training & Qualifications

EFT – Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
EFT – Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals

Graduate Diploma in Counselling – Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling (MMU)

Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching
Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Additional Training

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Relational and Developmental Trauma
  • Attachment Theory and Healing attachment injuries
  • Addiction and Transforming Shame
  • Neuroscience for coaching and counselling
  • Coaching Clients to work through their feelings
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy


There is a scale of charges dependent on time of day, duration, single or block bookings, type of therapy etc, but fees are negotiable and an important topic to discuss during an initial consultation. Choosing the right therapist and agreeing a way of working that best suits you and your needs are important steps at the start of the process. I understand how crucial it is for the person to feel that that they can talk openly in a supportive, non-judgmental, confidential environment; that’s why I offer and make no charge for an initial first meeting at which all these important factors can be freely discussed.