About Me

I have had personal experiences of difficulties, my mother died when I was 15, I travelled the world alone at 20, divorced and have been a single parent for 15 years. I am a karate instructor and have been studying the art for over 35 years. I work with the Samaritans and help mentor new volunteers I donate 10% of all profits to the local branch at Macclesfield.

What I Offer

I am passionate about people and helping them support their mental health. I enjoy making a difference with individuals so they can heal themselves.

I operate a non-judgmental and completely confidential supported forum to explore issues.

I offer an integrated counselling which uses different models to tailor make sessions to the individual.

I support both individuals and teams with stress and anxiety at work and help them build confidence and improve their self-esteem by providing coping mechanisms to improve their mental health and lifestyle. I use the emotional freedom technique (EFT) which is useful for anxiety and addictions.

I have helped clients with life changing decisions, relationship problems and clients with childhood issues which in some cases can affect their adult life. I have experience using counselling with grief and loss. I have enjoyed success with clients to stop smoking using hypnotherapy.

Areas of specialisation

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Life changing decisions
  • Stop smoking!


£65 per single session Negotiable rates for company for group sessions