About us

Louise and Rebecca are the co-founders of Autism Unravelled, an independent organisation offering autism assessment, therapy and training. Autism Unravelled was born out of the passion to give people with Autism Spectrum Condition and other neurodivergent presentations a voice and harness their strengths in order to maximise their potential.

What we offer

Autism Unravelled focuses on Valuing Difference and Recognising Strengths; with a vision to increase the acceptance and inclusion of people with neurodivergent conditions within education and the workplace. Autism Unravelled promote equality, inclusion and ensure reasonable adjustments are made to break down barriers for people with neuro-diverse presentations.

Autism diagnostic assessment: In terms of diagnostic assessment, we know it can be a very stressful journey; to take some of the stress away we provide home based assessment for children, young people and adults. We also have a clinic space if this is preferable. For some individuals it may unclear if a full diagnostic assessment is warranted so we offer an initial assessment to help understand specific areas of strength and need in order to guide which way to move forwards.

Therapy: We offer a range of therapies depending on the child, family or adult’s needs – this may to support with mental health (such as anxiety, stress, low mood) or communication (including communicating emotional states). We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (modified as appropriate); systemic therapy and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

Training: We offer training to schools and professionals regarding autism-specific topics such as Creating an autism-friendly environment; Understanding behaviour that challenges; and Autism and adolescence. We are also working closely with specialist schools around staff wellbeing as we know that staff retention and stress can be a difficulty in this area. This impacts on the staff themselves and has a knock-on effect for the pupil’s and their education. Our intervention focusses on developing reflective practice and supporting mental health. We have also been developing our corporate training packages as we are keen to support neurodivergent individuals in accessing employment. Our neurodiversity training focuses on education and recognising the competitive advantages of working with people who are innovative and think outside the box.

For fees and further information, please contact the team using the details provided.