About Me

I am an accredited registered psychodynamic psychotherapist and follow all the ethical guidelines outlined by the professional associations.

I am qualified to work with adults over the age of 18 on a 1-2-1 basis.

I have worked at PROMIS clinics, in Kent and London, which is a leading rehabilitation clinic for addiction.

I attend regular supervision with a qualified psychoanalytical psychotherapist (BPC) and have my own personal analysis with a registered psychoanalyst (BPC). I regularly attend continual professional development courses and my professional indemnity cover is rigorously kept up to date.

Apart from my clinical background, I have experience of working in the corporate sector for a number of years.

What I offer

Psychodynamic psychotherapy can help with a range of issues, including abuse (physical and emotional), ADHD, anxiety, depression, general low self- worth, gender dysmorphia, grief, loss, relationship issues sexuality.  However, I have particular experience of working with.

Areas of specialisation:

  • AddictionAlcohol, eating disorders, gambling, self-harm, substance misuse (including prescriptive medication), social anorexia and sex.
  • Suicide ideation – either thoughts of or attempts to take one’s life
  • Sexual abuse
  • Survivors of boarding schools which can sometimes manifest in boarding school syndrome


Initially there is a consultation giving you the opportunity to assess the setting and chemistry. I would take notes and listen to your background. This would also give you the opportunity to let me know what has led you to therapy.

If you choose to move forward with the process, the psychodynamic way of working is divided into two approaches. There is ‘open ended therapy’ which, as the title suggests, can continue for as long as is needed. The sessions occur at the same time and day of each week.

There is also ‘brief therapy’ which consists of a fixed number of once weekly sessions for an agreed length of time. This is generally lasts for around 12 – 15 weeks in duration. The sessions would take place at the same time and day of each week. We would work to uncover the central issue which essentially attempts to address, succinctly, the client’s present and chronologically endured pain.

Sessions last 50 minutes and regular attendance is encouraged.

I only offer individual 1-2-1 face to face in person therapy.

Training & Qualifications 

I hold a BA (Hons) from Royal Holloway, University of London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice from a leading training faculty for psychotherapy accredited by Roehampton University. This was an intensive academic and clinical training course over five years and held at the WPF in London.


 Initial consultation which lasts 90 minutes, costing £100

Individual 1-2-1 sessions lasting 50 minutes, costing £75