Pia Granjon Lecerf, How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Reality

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Reality

8th Jan 2019

New Year’s resolutions are probably the most exciting promises people make to themselves which they share with others, however, they too often turn into the most frustrating promises!

I dare to guess that you have already chosen one or several resolutions amongst those stated below:

I am not a fortune teller, I am a clinical hypnotherapist and the above simply are the most common new year resolutions according to researchers.

With hypnotherapy, you work with your conscious and unconscious resources from your brain, mind and body – the body keeps the unconscious emotional memories- considering facts, events and your related emotions.

What is Hypnosis?

“Hypnosis encompasses variables from domains as diverse as neuroscience, social psychology, individual psychology and genetics.” says Michael Yapko in “Trancework”.

Hypnosis is a natural functioning of the brain that everyone experiences several times a day. Once you have understood precisely what hypnosis is and you agree to engage in the therapy, then it can begin with you keeping full control during the whole process.

Why don’t we stick to our New Year’s resolutions even though we really want them to happen?

This is because reaching them is not a midnight gamble. They need to be integrated into our life time-line with clarity, simplicity and realism.
It is a process that requires time, attention and pleasure.

The hypnotherapist helps you define precisely what your resolutions.
The specificity of hypnosis is to work both with the conscious and unconscious mind, using specific mental methods.

During this progression, you rank your list of intentions – you may pick up only a few or just one – and work towards a S M A R TE R approach:

* Specific: What exactly is it you want to achieve?

* Measurable: Define how you will know you have reached your goal: both facts and emotions are to be considered

* Achievable: What do you need to make this resolution achievable for you?

* Realistic & Relevant: Is your aim realistic with regards to your professional or personal environments?
Is it relevant to what YOU want?

* Time-bound: When do you want your resolution to be reached? Is it a short, medium or long-term goal?

* Evaluate: There is no straight line to success and perceiving your progress with objectivity is important. The necessity to pause and check you are going in the right direction.
Yes? Continue!
No? Readjust!

* Readjust: Recognise what needs to be amended and learn from what you have done previously. This is a highly effective way to achieve what you want and to become more effective in making future choices.

In this process, you dream and you go back to reality, you express your fears, your hopes, you see and feel your project(s) within a bigger picture and you consciously check your inner and outer resources.

Meanwhile the hypnotherapist, via their active presence and active listening, focuses on knowing the way you express yourself and what makes sense to you. They use that understanding to shape your highly individual hypnotherapy approach.

The ‘state of hypnotic trance’ works with the unconscious mind by-passing the conscious mind. It is a directed and chosen focus of the mind.
Under hypnosis, people are able to build and consolidate new mental states or behaviours and reach forgotten memories, so that it is possible to reinforce and maintain motivation, keep a positive mindset, increase assertiveness and boost self-confidence as well as reach and create inner resources.

You can address an unsupportive inner voice, self-sabotage, blockages from the past, if needed, you can visualise yourself in the new wanted situation.
It can happen that you really want to realise your resolution but keep missing it without understanding why; hypnotherapy is a way to understand and negotiate a change with that part of you. Many different techniques are available for all this.

Under hypnosis, you can use past emotions, experience pseudo orientation in time and create a more supportive way to be, think and behave for your future.

You are taught self-help tools like self-hypnosis which is definitely one to be considered for keeping your motivation, focus and a positive mindset so you reach your aim more easily.

All this is a fluid process, you feel you are moving on with excitement, growing to discover yourself more precisely.

You got it, those New Year’s resolutions can be more than just a mid-party dare, that is your choice after all!

If this year you want to make it happen, if you choose to consider your New Year’s resolutions seriously or if you want to know more about hypnotherapy, contact me for a FREE phone consultation so you understand what your options are with hypnotherapy.

This is a guest post by Pia Granjon Lecerf.

Pia is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach in private practice at Brighter Spaces Guildford.