About Me

I am an accredited Integrative Counselling Psychotherapist with many years of experience working in both the NHS, private sector and for charitable organisations.

I specialise in relationship work. I believe that having a healthy relationship with oneself and others can lead to a more fulfilling life.

My practice is influenced by humanistic/existential thinking, psychoanalytic concepts and continental philosophy.

I work with individuals and couples. I offer clinical supervision to individuals and in small groups.


What I offer:

I offer a safe and collaborative space where people could explore their difficulties in relationships. During the course of therapy, people often become more aware of patterns in relationships that seem to keep repeating causing them emotional distress. By exploring what emerges through ordinary language, new ways of thinking could provide realistic possibilities for becoming unstuck and toward making some meaningful changes.

Types of therapy that I offer:

  • Integrative couples therapy
  • Existential analytic therapy for individuals
  • Dialectic Interpersonal Therapy for young adults

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Going thorough divorce, separation
  • Difficulties in adjusting after divorce or separation
  • Loss, bereavement, sickness or going through transitions across the lifespan
  • Online dating
  • Image and social media
  • Difficulty in starting new relationships
  • Depression
  • Relationship difficulties due to physical illness, chronic pain or long-term conditions.
  • Difficulties in relationships with family members, in the workplace or in general
  • Supervision (individuals or in small groups)

Initial consultation (50 min) – individuals £80/couples £120
One session (50 min) – individuals £80
One session (90 min) – couples £160
Supervision – same fee as for individual sessions